On-Site Data Destruction

Do you have unneeded digital equipment, data storage devices, and/or optical media to dispose of but are worried about trusting a third party for proper destruction/disposal outside your facility? At Surplus Technology Solutions, we understand completely, and that's why we are happy to provide our services at your organization under your supervision. We help a wide range of businesses and institutions, including military installations and government agencies, dispose of their digital materials without the need to transport them off-site.

We adhere to the most rigorous protocols for on-site data destruction such as GDPR, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and other major national and international standards. We use specialized mobile equipment designed for both high volume and intricate fragmentation. We can help you rest easy knowing that you've been involved at every step of the destruction of your retired digital devices and data— call us today at (617) 835-3208 to gain peace of mind.

We provide shredding of...

  • ImageHard drives
  • ImageSSD drives
  • ImageLTO tapes
  • ImageCell phones
  • ImageTablets (iPads)
  • ImageCD-ROMs and CD-ROM drives
  • ImageFloppy drives

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