Medical Equipment Recycling

As medical institutions adopt new advanced technologies and increasingly automated devices, the need to recycle old or outdated devices is growing at a rapid pace. As with other types of IT equipment, healthcare and medical devices need special attention when being recycled, as they can contain both hazardous materials and important data. Obviously, dumping medical equipment in a landfill isn’t the solution. Some medical electronics require, by state or federal law, detailed support documentation on recycled devices.

This is where Suplus Technology Solutions comes in. Medical equipment recycling and disposal with STS is safe, secure, and certified to the industry's highest standards. We manage retired assets for medical suppliers, hospitals, clinics, dentists, optometrists, medical schools, and other healthcare facilities responsibly, efficiently, and reliably. To ensure both your brand and your data remain safe, contact Surplus Technology Solutions and let us get started on the medical equipment recycling program that is perfect for your organization.

Medical Equipment Recycling & Certified Data Destruction

If you need to have your medical equipment properly recycled, contact Surplus Technology Solutions today! We will come to your facility to destroy all hard drives, providing each device with a certificate of destruction and recycling. We can be reached by calling 617-835-3208 or by filling out our online contact form. We accept the following equipment for recycling and data destruction:

  • ImageAutoclaves
  • ImageSterilizers
  • ImageMicroplate Readers
  • ImageCounters
  • ImageRegulators
  • ImageDispensers
  • ImageDiluters
  • ImageRotators
  • ImageGlassware
  • ImageSpectrophotometers
  • ImageHPLC Titrators
  • ImageMicroscopes
  • ImageViscometers

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