Electronics Recycling

Successful businesses today must keep pace with rapid advances in technology. That inevitably leads to the daunting challenge of safely and securely recycling electronic equipment once it has become outdated, as well as destroying the data stored on that equipment. When you’re trying to focus on running and growing your business, proper electronics recycling can be worrisome, costly, and time consuming. Surplus Technology Solutions is here to remove that worry from your agenda.

Medical, financial, and other highly regulated industries, along with government and military entities, have depended on us since 2006 to take the electronics recycling burden off their shoulders. Businesses know they can count on STS to permanently eliminate their private and sensitive data properly, with laser sharp focus focus on timeliness, efficiency, and sustainability. We adhere to compliance protocols like Gramm Leach Bliley, assuring your electronics disposal meets all state and federal guidelines.

Not only are we committed to the environmentally safe disposal of your equipment, but we also honor all customer requests regarding the specific manner of disposal. These requests may include data and/or hardware destruction, asset tag removal, and/or redeployment of material. Our customers consider us the premier choice for dependable, worry-free electronics disposal, recycling, and data destruction, and we stand ready to be your first choice.

Responsible Electronics Disposal

Computers contain lead, dioxins, PCBs, cadmium and other harmful materials. More people throw away computers today than in years past, with 80% ending up in landfills and only 20% being recycled. The alternative of safe and resposible electronics offers three distinct benefits:

  • ImageCleaner environment
  • ImageStronger economy
  • ImageReuse of resources

Our Electronics Recycling Process

We dispose of electronics properly by disassembling and sorting each component by material type. This brings you the tremendous benefit of removing the worries and hassles of proper disposal, saving you time and money and allowing you to focus on your core business.

If your business needs a better way to dispose of computers, our electronics recycling in Boston can help.

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