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IT Asset Remarketing

Once IT assets reach the end of their lifespan in your company, it’s wasteful, and often illegal, to simply throw them away. Through a comprehensive IT asset remarketing program, it’s possible to realize a number of significant benefits, including lowering total cost of ownership for IT assets by capturing remaining value. Not only is such a program environmentally responsible and legally prudent, it is often the difference between your company receiving a check instead of an invoice!

Surplus Technology Solutions' secure asset disposition services enable you to maximize the return on your end-of-life assets while ensuring chain-of-custody, data security, and compliance with all environmental laws and regulations. We are also buyers of all viable IT hardware including computers, laptops, telecommunications and networking equipment, tablets (iPads), cell phones, servers, and security systems. We offer complimentary on-site evaluations, and all hardware is paid for at pickup

An Experienced Partner

In addition to evaluating each piece of equipment to determine its reuse potential, we have the marketing data and experience to know up front which items can be sold and which aren't worth the effort.

  • Secure logistics and chain-of-custodySecure logistics and chain-of-custody
  • Guaranteed Fair Market Value (FMV) price lock imageGuaranteed Fair Market Value (FMV) price lock
  • Asset value maximization ImageAsset value maximization through a multi-channel remarketing strategy
  • Extensive network ImageExtensive network of source buyers through multiple direct sales channels
  • Destruction of all sensitive ImageDestruction of all sensitive data and reduved environmental impact
  • Ongoing program management ImageOngoing program management and detailed reporting
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