What is the Most Secure Way to Store Data?

Keeping your digital data secure is vital today, given the amount of information stored online and the ease with which some hackers can access some infrastructures. Backing up your information to multiple secure locations will help keep any data stored on your computer safe. You should use at least two methods to ensure that there is always a backup available to restore any lost data. Below are some of the most secure places to store your data.

External Hard Drives

An external hard drive is easily transportable and can be brought with you wherever your computer goes. They are easy to use, quickly read by your computer and can come with password protection settings. While most external drives are hardwired into your machine, newer hard drives can come with wireless capabilities. Between backups, you can keep the drive securely offsite in order to protect its contents.

USB Flash Drives

Smaller than an external drive, a flash drive is even easier to transport, with many accessorized as keychains for optimal access. They are often more affordable than other forms of external storage, but often have less room for videos, photos, and documents than other methods. Due to their size, USB flash drives can be easily lost or misplaced, leaving your information at risk.

Virtual Storage in the Cloud

Cloud storage has seen a massive surge in popularity as more and more users move to wireless devices. There are a wide variety of options available, offering tiers of security for a monthly or yearly subscription price to encrypt your data and be available on computers, cell phones, and tablets when a connection is available.

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