Corporate Data Destruction and Electronics Recycling

Boston skyline

In addition to being the capital of Massachusetts, Boston is a constantly changing hub of innovation in the fields of medicine and technology. Some of the top hospitals in the country are located within the city and the surrounding metro area. Boston is also home to over 50 colleges and universities, accepting students from around the world. Many financial corporations have branches and headquarters in Boston. The high sensitivity of information circulating through many institutions within the city makes device security a top priority and data destruction a crucial step, especially when it comes to the end of the expected usage. Surplus Technology Solutions proudly provides secure data destruction and electronic recycling services across the city of Boston.

Safely recycling electronic devices

Keeping your data safe is vital when your electronics reach the end of their expected lifespan. Surplus Technology Solutions will come to your facility perform secure data destruction. Our team will mechanically shred your data, wiping your hard drives, phones, and tablets of data so they are prepared to be safely dismantled, refined and recycled for further use or repurposing. The team at Surplus Technology Solutions understands that keeping client, employee and business information confidential and secure is of the utmost importance to maintaining the trust in your organization.

Secure Data Destruction, IT Asset Liquidation & Electronic Media Recycling in Boston

If you are looking for a way to safely and properly disposing of your electronic devices, contact Surplus Technology Solutions. We provide secure on and off-site data destruction and will schedule recycling events for your entire office park or facility to promote correct disposal. To schedule a pickup or event, contact Surplus Technology Solutions by calling 1-617-835-3208 or by filling out our online contact form.

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