Medical Equipment Recycling & Data Destruction


The medical field is constantly evolving and innovating with new technology to best cure and resolve issues affecting people worldwide. As surgical methods evolve, your facility will need to find a way to safely recycle outdated tools and other equipment to protect private data. Surplus Technology Solutions is proud to provide complete medical equipment recycling and data destruction throughout New England.

What We Do

Surplus Technology Solutions can provide your medical facility with full equipment recycling and data destruction services. Our team will be able to sort through your equipment to safely refine and recycle it, following state and federal compliance guidelines. We will also be able to provide on-site data destruction of all hard drives used in your recycled equipment in order to follow HIPAA protocol. Data destruction will ensure every patient’s medical records and private information is kept safe. Surplus Technology Solutions will also remove any asset tags associated with your equipment.

Why is Medical Equipment Recycling Important?

It’s important to make sure your equipment is properly destroyed and recycled because of the sensitive information associated with the field. Keeping patient data confidential is critical, and bypassing the correct procedure to replace your equipment can leave your office vulnerable to hacks and information release.

Medical Recycling & Data Destruction in Boston, Cambridge, Waltham & Newton

If you are interested in having your medical equipment properly recycled, contact Surplus Technology Solutions today! We will come to your facility to destroy all hard drives, providing each item with certificates of destruction and recycling. Surplus Technology Solutions can be reached by calling 617-835-3208 or by filling out our online contact form.

We accept the following equipment for recycling and data destruction:

Autoclaves/Sterilizers                                                             Microplate Readers

Counters                                                                                   Regulators

Dispensers/Diluters                                                                Rotators

Glassware                                                                                Spectrophotometers

HPLC                                                                                          Titrators

Microscopes                                                                             Viscometers

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