What Kind of Electronics Can Be Recycled?

hand holding broken hard driveElectronics have become a major part of everyday life, from watching the news on TV, writing papers and doing work on laptops and scrolling through social media on your phone. As the technology evolves to make devices better, electronic waste has become one of the fastest growing waste channels worldwide, and many people do not dispose of them correctly. Many electronics can be refined and recycled for further use if disposed of properly. Here’s how to tell if your device can be recycled!

How Does Electronic Recycling Work?

Prior to disposing of your electronics, you need to make sure your personal information is wiped from the device. After dropping off your electronic media to a designated recycling facility, gently used equipment is tested for functionality. Working devices are wiped again, restored to factory settings and sold to wholesalers or donated to non-profit organizations or schools, where they are distributed to people and students in need.

If your electronics can no longer be used, they will be refined. If you are recycling a hard drive, the serial number will be noted and removed before being checked for any remaining data. The device will be wiped and deconstructed. Because electronics may contain precious metals, the circuit board will be smelted to recover and separate the materials, and glass will be put through a smelting process to remove traces of lead. After the different components are dismantled, they are recycled. If parts of the device are not as worn and can still be used, they will be harvested and sold as replacement parts.

Which Electronics Can Be Recycled?

Most electronics can be recycled, from small appliances and cell phones to televisions and computers. A full listed of items accepted by Surplus Technology Solutions can be viewed here. Each item is refined and divided for reuse and recycling to reduce waste in landfills.

Electronic Waste Recycling & Mechanical Shredding in Boston, Cambridge & Waltham

If you have electronics you are no longer using or have reached the end of their life, contact Surplus Technology Solutions today! We serve towns across New England. We offer residential pickups and campus-wide corporate events to encourage proper disposal of electronic waste. If your devices contain sensitive data, we also offer secure data destruction services. Surplus Technology Solutions can be reached by calling 617-835-3208 or by filling out our online contact form.

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