How Can I Protect My Data While Moving Offices?

packing to move office locationsMoving into a new office setting can be an exciting experience, from the potential that more space can create to building a lasting facility to continue growing your brand and reputation in your field. When you are preparing to move, it is critical to make sure you are keeping your confidential information secure between locations. Before you move to your new office, make sure you:

Discuss your privacy needs with your movers

As you discuss logistics with your moving company, make sure there is a conversation about sensitive materials that will be affected by the move and that a formal contract is signed to protect your assets. If you are entrusting the movers to sort and pack your documents, make sure there is an understanding that they may be asked to re-sort things once you have reached your new office.

Determine who will be moving your documents and stored data

You have the choice between having your employees conducting most of the move, or hiring a professional moving company specializing in office services. Regardless of the way you choose, it is important to designate a team from your company to keep track of the boxes containing your confidential documents, drives, and computers throughout the process. While you may elect to hire professionals for the actual moving, accidents may happen that leave your data compromised. Movers will be responsible for getting your things to your new location but do not bear responsibility for maintaining the documents. If you are interested in movers who will keep your data secure, consider hiring a company that specializes in records management, as well as general moving. Specialized movers will have the training and clearance to handle your materials safely throughout your move.

Log your devices before destroying waste

Moving offices is the perfect time to go through your computers, scanners, printers and other devices to see what is still in use and what items have been cycled out. If you have a pile of old electronics that have been rendered obsolete, this is the perfect time to have them wiped and recycled. After making a backup of necessary records and data, contact a company specializing in data destruction to make sure everything is properly wiped before sending the devices off to be refined and recycled.

Data Destruction & Electronic Waste Recycling in Boston, Waltham, Cambridge & Woburn

If you are moving offices in New England, contact Surplus Technology Solutions to schedule an appointment for data destruction and recycling today. Our team will go to your office and completely wipe each device magnetically or physically. Each device will be giving a certificate of data destruction and recycling. To schedule a pickup or campus-wide recycling event, contact Surplus Technology Solutions by calling 617-835-3208 or by filling out our online contact form.

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