How Can I Avoid Security Breaches?

When you are running a business, laboratory or patient care facility, you will need to virtually store customer and patient data. While you will need the information easily accessible to those privy to data during appointments and consultations, it is critical to keep it secure and prevent loss and theft. There are several ways you can go about protecting data and stopping potential breaches.  

Computer Security

Each computer in your facility should be password-protected, with re-verification required after periods of inactivity. Passwords should be changed regularly and should require a certain strength to protect against hacking and other attacks. Restrict access to stored information with tiers of password-protected entry. Run regular updates to make sure security patches, software and firewalls are kept up-to-date. Do not store confidential information on computers with internet access.

Monitor Where You Store Your Data

You should only keep information that is necessary to protect your employees and customers. Redact anything that isn’t vital to the file and make sure it is stored on secure hard drives. Do not keep social security numbers on these drives to keep employee information safe, and do not save data on more than two drives in case of malfunction.

Encrypt Data

Instate a company policy that all data must be encrypted, including emails and storage transmissions. Wi-Fi connections can be breached, with unfriendly intruders intercepting private information with just a click of a button.

Destroy Out-of-Date Technology

Electronic devices should not be disposed of in the same way as regular items. Deleting your files and reformatting the drive will not fully wipe your information clean, leaving you vulnerable to data theft. Schedule an appointment for in-house data destruction to have each hard drive, disk, or external drive mechanically shredded, obliterating the pieces so no one will be able to put them back together. We offer certified off-site data destruction for companies with fewer pieces requiring shredding.

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