old computer monitors in recycling bins

Hold a Recycling Event for Earth Day

Earth Day is quickly approaching! On Sunday, April 22 people from around the world will be gathering to clean litter off the streets, holding informational events and planting trees as part of a movement to promote environmental awareness. In the United States, only 25% of electronic waste is recycled properly, with the device broken down, refined and properly recycled. This Earth Day, you can do your part to encourage proper e-waste disposal by holding a recycling event!

Why Do Electronics Require Special Recycling?

The metals used to build electronics will not decompose like trash, meaning that it will remain in landfills for years to come. Properly recycling your electronics makes sure each device is put through the correct refining procedure, melting down each metal and mineral so it can be reused in a future device. Your home and office are bound to have old, out-of-date electronics that have gone unused for a considerable length of time, and you may be unsure of how to properly recycle them in your community. Organizing a recycling event with Surplus Technology Solutions will allow you the opportunity to remove the electronics from your home while benefiting the environment.

Electronic Recycling Events in Boston, Waltham, Cambridge & Providence

Each piece of e-waste collected at a recycling event will be given a certificate of recycling for your records before your data is securely destroyed and refined. Surplus Technology Solutions is now accepting reservations for recycling events throughout the spring. Contact our office today to schedule your event by calling 617-835-3208  or by filling out our online contact form.

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