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Companies both large and small in cities such as Boston are changing the way they do business – to keep up with the relentless pace of change and the race is on, all over the world. Companies are rethinking their business – finding new ways to optimize IT assets.

The number one strategy is outsourcing: engaging qualified partners to take responsibility for huge operational burdens like logistics, lean supply, HR, CRM – and now TCM (Technology Change Management). The objectives are to reduce costs and risks, relieve IT infrastructure by taking steps such as electronics recycling, and release companies to refocus on growth, productivity and ROI.

  • One goal is to achieve better balance between investing in next generation technology
    nd harvesting enormous savings from revitalizing and reusing used computer equipment.
  • Another is to drive down asset recovery costs, data security risks and regulatory nightmares over the disposal of e-waste.

Rethinking and revitalizing for better results. Changing the rules from conventional asset recovery to full cycle TCM. The continuous, on-demand process of tech refresh, recovery and recycling.

The new way business is driving Asset Revolution. Enterprise-wide. Worldwide. Guaranteed. That’s Asset Revolution! Here’s a list of what we recycle:

Electronics Recycling Statistics

Electronics Recycling Statistics

Obsolete end-of-life computers are being thrown away at an ever increasing rate in the US. Computer recycling is the process, by which the unit it is completely disassembled down to the component level, then sorted by material type.

Today less than 20% of computers are recycled, while the remaining 80% end up in landfills. Surplus Technology Solutions is here to assist your organization in recycling computers!

Computers contain harmful materials including lead, dioxins, PCBs, and cadmium. Safe and responsible computer recycling ensures the disposal of these harmful elements in a responsible manner.

During the computer recycling process, each material type is sent to its respective processor who specializes in converting the material back into raw materials so they can be used to manufacture new products. These materials can include copper, tin, aluminum, steel, plastic, glass and in some cases precious metals.

Saving and reclaiming these materials as part of the recycling process reduces our need to expend significant resources, and impact to the environment, that is devoted to mining these metals from the earth. In conjunction with reuse, is the safety aspect of recycling a computer.

The Electronics Recycling Process

More people throw away computers today than in years past;80percent end up in landfills, with only 20 percent being recycled.

Computers contain lead, dioxins, PCBs, cadmium and other harmful materials. With safe and responsible computer recycling, we dispose of these elements properly. When we recycle a computer, we disassembleit and sort the components by material type.

If your business needs a better way to dispose of computers, ourelectronics recycling in Boston can help.

We use a specialized processor to convert each computer componentinto raw materials used to manufacture new products. These materials include:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Tin
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Some types of precious metals

Using electronics recycling services helps reduce electronic waste not only in Boston, but across the country too. Saving and reclaiming computer components during the recycling process also minimizes the need to expend important resources and reduces impact on the environment.Reusing old computers can help decrease the need for metal mining as well.

Surplus Technology Solutions can assist your organization in recycling computers. We offer flexible rates with our bi-weekly, monthly or as-needed electronics recycling programs. Our team has 10 years of experience in the electronics recycling industry.

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