Data Destruction Process

Data Destruction Process STS Recycling LLC – Secure Data Destruction Process

STS Recycling LLC. Prides itself on providing our customers with secure onsite and witnessed Hard Drive Destruction Services. We certify that all items are processed through the legal chain of custody by adhering to the privacy regulations mandated by the EPA, Federal Government and State of Massachusetts for the Disposal of Electronic Waste. Once the Hard Drives are properly destroyed with our AMS-150HD Hard Drive Shredder, we issue a Hard Drive Certificate of Destruction with optional listing of individual Hard Drive serial numbers for your records. Your shredded material is than properly refined and recycled.


Step 1 – Arrive

Arrive at your Facility with our AMS-150HD Mobile Hard Drive/Data Shredder with 3/4 Shred Cut/Enhanced Throughput.

If Off-site: Take Custody of your Data in Locked Containers and transport Data back to our Secure Warehouse in Acton, MA for Serialization Destruction


Step 2 – Verify

Collect and Count each hard drive with the client prior to placing them in our locked container to our mobile shredding truck.



Step 3 – Scan

Bar Code Scan Each Hard Drives Unique Serial Number and upload this data into our date destruction certificate.



Step 4 – Mechanically Shred & Physically Destroy Your Media

Destroy each individual Hard Drive/Data by means of Mechanical Data Destruction through our Amerishred AMS-150HD Mobile Hard Drive Shredder with 3/4 Shred/Cut Enhanced Throughput.


Step 5 – Provide Our Client with Their finalized Data Destruction Report

Provide the client with a USB Data Storage Device containing the individual serial numbers of each Shredded Hard Drive and final counts of all Data Destruction.



Step 6 – Provide Our Client with A Certificate of Recycling

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