Computer Liquidation Services


Fast and Fair Asset Recovery  & Computer Liquidation Services

One of the challenges for Fortune 1000 companies looking to upgrade their IT infrastructure is finding reliable and effective asset recovery services for their surplus of equipment being replaced.

Surplus Technology Solutions provides fast and reliable asset recovery services designed to facilitate your needs. We have the ability to purchase a wide variety of products from routers, switches, servers, voice &  networking components to laptops, computers & LCD Monitors .

Why Choose Surplus Technology Solutions LLC.?

  • All makes and manufacturers accepted provided the equipment is market viable
  • Computers are recycled in an environmentally – friendly way
  • We come to you – all packing, removal and transportation is conducted on site
  • Auditable reports available for data destruction services using DOD and NIST certified methods
  • Payment is always made day of removal
  • Equipment removal is fast, efficient and thorough


Who Can Benefit from Asset Recovery & Computer Liquidation  Services?

Any company with market viable assets can benefit from asset recovery. Whether a mid sized company or a fortune 500 company,  we are interested in hearing from you should you have equipment to sell vs. recycle.  Some of the primary reasons for choosing IT asset recovery services include:

  • Corporate office closure or downsize.
  • Relocation of  a business
  • Upgrade of existing infrastructure
  • Implementing a new  way of doing business
  • Elimination of storage costs



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