electronics dismantled for recycling

Best Practices for Recycling Your Electronics

With Earth Day right around the corner, take the opportunity to spring clean and recycle your electronics properly! Recycling your electronics has environmental benefits and helps keep your business compliant with local recycling laws. Following best practices to recycle your devices and media will keep your data safe.

Back Up Necessary Data

Prior to recycling your devices, you will need to wipe them clean of sensitive data. You should be backing up your data regularly to maintain your security and prevent loss in case of a disruption in power or equipment malfunction on a portable hard drive with sufficient storage space or to the virtual cloud. Make sure any information you want to keep from the media you are recycling is saved locally, in an easily-accessible location. Cloud and drive storage can be purchased at low costs to your business.

Wipe the Drive

Dragging each item out of the drive or just hitting the delete button will not remove the data from the drive. Each piece of data will need to be electronically shredded before the device is ready to be removed from your facility. This can be done by physically removing the hard drives themselves and destroying them. If you are not comfortable taking your device apart, you can contact Surplus Technology Solutions about secure, on-site data destruction and recycling.

Environmentally Friendly Disposal and Removal

Due to the number of parts that make up electronic devices, they cannot be recycled with your cans and bottles at the end of the week. Certain parts of your electronics, such as motherboards, contain hazardous materials and fine metals that need to be extracted and refined before recycling. Contact a company that specializes in electronic recycling to ensure your devices are disposed of properly and through the correct channels.

Secure Data Destruction & Electronic Recycling in Boston

If you have end-of-life electronics you are looking to recycle, contact Surplus Technology Solutions today! We can set up a campus-wide recycling event at your facility to collect devices and recycle them at once, providing secure data destruction right from your parking lot! STS can be reached by calling 1-617-835-3208 or by filling out our online contact form.

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