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Make Corporate E-Waste Solutions Your Way to Go This Year

Corporate data theft continues to be a significant concern for the world. The worst thing you can do to your old hardware is to dispose of it inappropriately, putting your crucial data at the risk of falling into the wrong hands. No business would want their confidential information to be used wrongfully, but it is, unfortunately, one of the very real problems today.

Having said that, it is essential to look for corporate recycling events in your area to ensure that your data is destroyed securely before you dump your computers and hardware. Not doing this may invite several risks, including:

Harsh environmental impacts

Your corporate e-waste isn’t as fancy for the environment as it looks to your eyes. Many components contain toxic materials that pollute our lands and water bodies. So, if you’re not disposing of it ethically, you’re putting the planet at risk without even realizing it. The parts you throw in landfills may degrade and further seep into the soil and drinking water and cause significant health hazards.

Corporate e-waste contains metals and plastics, which can hurt the earth and the plants and animals living in that area if not disposed of properly. After degrading into microplastics, plastics impact marine life, animals, and humans. Similarly, metals such as mercury and lead are notorious for causing health risks in animals and humans.

You can choose to recycle those old laptops, computers, disks, server racks, and other end-of-life components over sending them to a local dump. This can help you get rid of your corporate e-waste without putting the environment at risk, adding to your sustainability endeavors.

Data theft risks

Criminals don’t need your hard disks in their best condition to get hands on your confidential business data. Today’s data recovery tools are much more advanced than you can think of. When you wipe old drives and send them out for disposal, you leave plenty of partial data that anyone with a suitable tool can access and misuse to harm your organizations.

As you see, wiping your drives and disposing of them into landfills is not enough (not the ethical way as well). The most efficient and cost-effective way to protect your sensitive company data is to find a reliable e-waste recycling company and get it done, destroying your old data and turning end-of-life parts into something useful.

Litigation costs

An event of a data breach may put hundreds of thousands of customers’ privacy and security at risk, and no organization can afford that. And it should not come as a surprise if even half of them go ahead and file data breach lawsuits.

In addition to harming the customers, a data breach can impact employees who trust their organizations to keep their personal information, such as birth dates, salaries, and SSN, secure. It may make these employees go the same lawsuit way, causing high litigation costs. The best way to avoid all these risks is to reach out to a recycling company to handle your corporate e-waste.

The bottom line

Once your corporate computers turn into e-waste, replace them with new ones. But before that, get in touch with trusted recycling companies in Boston to ensure their appropriate disposal. By doing so, you can contribute to a safer, greener environment while protecting yourself from potential data thefts and litigation risks.

At Surplus Technology Solutions, we strive to recycle, refurbish, and donate old computers and electronics. We offer easy pick up to make our corporate e-waste solutions accessible for all. Give us a call and schedule the pickup − It’s that easy. We are also always available for free consultations to ensure that you don’t have to look here and there for help to securely dispose of your corporate e-waste.

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