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Technology Consignment

Technology Consignment is available to companies world wide that have excess technology assets.

We help you realize the highest and best return for equipment you no longer require or may be underutilized. Our team of skilled appraisers are ready to assess your assets and help you better manage your technology life cycle. If you have budgetary and profit responsibilities then our services should be of interest to you.

Technology consignment is a process that allows Surplus Technology Solutions to pickup, refurbish and resell your assets and pay you a predetermined percentage of the sale price or profits. Occasionally there are situations when the exact value of your asset isn’t known at the time you want to dispose of it or the value might actually be greater at a later time. These are times when consignment makes more sense that a purchase bid.

Quick and Simple Hardware Sales

If your organization knows which equipment you want to sell and have an inventory in place, you can quickly submit your hardware list and send it over for an offer. . We will quickly return an offer to purchase within 48 business hours , will submit payment via PayPal or corporate check and will pick up or provide Free shipping labels to return your equipment to us.

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