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Laboratory Equipment Recycling & Data Shredding

Why Should Laboratory Equipment Be Recycled?

In addition to containing sensitive information about research and experiments, laboratory equipment may contain traces or particles from potentially dangerous chemicals and materials used in your research. In order to keep your methods safe from the wrong hands and keeping your local environment protected from the side effects of your research, it is important to make sure you recycle any unneeded or outdated properly and within local and federal regulations. Surplus Technology Solutions is proud to offer laboratory equipment recycling in Boston and across New England.

As we sort through your equipment, our team will set aside any devices with stored data in order to ensure the information is properly destroyed by HIPAA regulations, keeping private customer and business information safe from unauthorized eyes and preventing a breach in your security. We perform both on and offsite mechanical shredding and data destruction to ensure each piece is inaccessible during the recycling process. In addition to destroying data and recycling electronic equipment, Surplus Technology Solutions accepts and recycles testing equipment, from microscopes to blenders and sample analyzers.

Most lab equipment is made from different types of glass and metal, which will not break down properly if left in a landfill. Metals require specific dismantling in order to properly smelt and refine the different materials in order to properly reuse or recycle the materials.

Laboratory Equipment Recycling & Data Destruction in Boston, Cambridge & Providence

If you have outdated laboratory equipment to recycle, contact Surplus Technology Solutions today! We will accept any equipment listed below and ensure that your information is erased and destroyed, keeping your business and customers safe. Surplus Technology Solutions can be reached by calling 617-835-3208 or by filling out our online contact form.

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