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Electronics Recycling

Responsible Recycling of Computers and Electronics

Companies both large and small in cities such as Boston are changing the way they do business – to keep up with the relentless pace of change and the race is on, all over the world. Companies are rethinking their business – finding new ways securely recycle their electronics and securely protect their electronic media .

Surplus Technology Solutions ensures that all Electronics Recycling is handled in full compliance with state and federal regulations. All customer requests for proper disposal, handling, and/or data destruction will be honored and certificate of destruction provided upon request. We will assure that all computer recycling is handled in an environmentally safe and responsible manner and that all media shredding is performed on-site upon request.

Regardless of what your company has for recycling  from obsolete systems, LCD Monitors, and servers, to the latest and greatest networking and computers, Surplus Technology Solutions can provide you with secure Electronics Recycling solutions. Our experts can perform a confidential asset appraisal to evaluate your disposal program and make suggestions on how to better meet your computer recycling goals.

Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling

The Electronics Recycling Process

More people throw away computers today than in years past. 80 percent end up in landfills, with only 20 percent being recycled.

Computers contain lead, dioxins, PCBs, cadmium and other harmful materials. With safe and responsible electronics recycling, we dispose of these elements properly. When we recycle a computer, we disassemble it and sort the components by material type.

If your business needs a better way to dispose of computers, our electronics recycling in Boston can help.

We use a specialized processor to convert each computer component into raw materials used to manufacture new products. These materials include:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Tin
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Some types of precious metals

Using electronics recycling services helps reduce electronic waste not only in Boston, but across the country too. Saving and reclaiming computer components during the recycling process also minimizes the need to expend important resources and reduces impact on the environment.Reusing old computers can help decrease the need for metal mining as well.

Surplus Technology Solutions can assist your organization in computer and electronics recycling. We offer flexible rates with our bi-weekly, monthly or as-needed electronics recycling programs. Our team has 12 years of experience in the electronics recycling industry.

Reduce your electronic waste. Contact us today.

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